New Venue FAQs


First show will be Puddle of Mudd, Saving Abel, & Tantric on March 18, 2017.


10 A Street, Derry (behind Applebees).


We love Londonderry and our intimate venue. For years we have dreamed about having more bathrooms, more parking, Better Air Conditioning, better artist facilities, a bigger stage, and more room for our patrons. We would also love to add even bigger artists to our schedule.

So what else is gonna change?

Tupelo Music Hall exists so that people can listen to Nationally Recognized artists in a comfortable, intimate, acoustically superior space without distractions that ruin the listening experience. That’s not gonna change. The venue will be bigger but the atmosphere, intimacy, and quality of experience will remain.

Our new venue will be comfy, INTIMATE, and have the same feel that our current venue has.

The new venue is only a few miles away, with EASY ACCESS to highways.

We will have more PARKING than required. With nearly 210 spaces, you won’t be parking on the lawn or the street anymore.

We will have ample BATHROOMS so you won’t miss three songs while standing in line
We will have a bigger LOBBY AREA for catching up before the shows and meeting artists after them.

Our STAGE will be much higher, allowing everyone to see the artist, whether they are sitting or standing.
Seating will be on three levels so that everyone has a great view.


Our BYOB policy will be discontinued. We feel that it would be very difficult to monitor a BYOB environment in a bigger space. There will be a bar in the lobby but, to preserve the listening experience, we will not have a bar in the venue.

Our FOOD SERVICES will be expanded to give you more options using our current CHEF JEANNINE. We will have wait staff serving you before our shows but we will not have staff on the floor during the performances. Also, we will offer full catering services for events at the venue.

Our SOUND and LIGHTING SYSTEMS will be upgraded so that we can provide the best listening and visual experience to our patrons.
Our AIR CONDITIONING will keep you cool even on the hottest of Summer days.

We will continue booking the same artists that you’ve loved seeing at Tupelo over the years and we will be able to attract EVEN BIGGER ARTISTS to supplement our already dynamic schedule.

Our ARTISTS will appreciate having three green rooms, two bathrooms, showers, laundry, and bus power. We will be able to attract more artists with these facilities!

We love our EXCELLENT STAFF as much as you do. Our current employees and volunteers will be supplemented with additional staff who understand our business and will work hard to maintain the level of professionalism you expect.

We will not close at any time during this transition.

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